Pre Paid Funeral Plans UK

Prepaid Funeral Plans Pros And Cons: How To Find The Right One For You?

The majority of people are reluctant to plan for their funeral as they feel a bit morbid. But as the funeral cost continues to rise in the UK, it’s quite ideal to invest in a funeral plan as soon as you can. While some people are worried and at the same time impressed by prepaid funeral plans pros and cons, it’s always worth looking at the brighter side of things. The key here is to find the most reliable provider and a suitable plan for you, so you can walk your way out of the disadvantages.

So in case you’ve decided to just go for it, you must know how to determine which one is the right plan for you. Below are some of the things you should consider that might help you decide.

Shop around

Funeral plans differ from each other in terms of cost, so always compare pricing with all your other options. However, keep in mind that cheap doesn’t always entail good service. Most funeral plan providers supply customers with a general price list that details prices for all possible goods or services. So make sure to check this carefully and know if it will be feasible for your funds or not.

Reliability of the provider

There have been cases of unscrupulous funeral providers taking advantage of their customers, so always choose a funeral plan provider with a solid reputation. By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re trusting the right people for your money.

Money security

The pre-paid plan should provide information on what the funeral home will do with the money you pay them. Some areas have strict protections in place to make sure your money is safeguarded, but other locations may not be doing the same. For this reason, o find a provider who can be transparent with your money and can be strictly monitored all the time.

Security guarantee

Among the prepaid funeral plans pros and cons is the security of your money. If you find a good provider, you won’t surely have to worry about that. Once you have paid for your funeral plan, it may be many years until it’s actually used. That’s why you should ensure that the money you pay for your plan is protected in the future.


Most often, not everyone can pay for their funeral plan in full. That’s why when choosing a plan, consider whether you would like to make a single payment or pay by monthly instalments. By doing so, you can ensure that you won’t have any problem with placing funds on the plan as long as you can handle the finances according to your preferred pace.

Plan inclusion

The majority of funeral plans these days guarantee to cover the funeral director’s services, but some only include a contribution towards further expenses. This is why you must assess each plan carefully both in prices and also the additional cost if there is to avoid surprise hidden prices.


After picking and paying for your funeral plan, check the paperwork you received and confirm if it matches what you’ve discussed with the provider. In addition, check the terms of the plan and make sure they are crystal clear. For instance, what will happen with the plan in case you relocated home? You will need to let your provider know if you do move so they can inform you of any additional costs or limitations with the package, in case there are any.


Be sure that your funeral plan allows you the flexibility you need and if necessary, the ability to change it. If you think you may move in years to come, check if you can also move to another funeral director using the same plan and what are the associated costs for this if any.

Planning your funeral beforehand will certainly save your loved ones from the stress and hassle when that time comes, especially when it comes to finances. You might be obsessing yourself about prepaid funeral plans pros and cons, but as long as you have a reliable provider, you got nothing to worry about. So keep a copy of this list of factors to consider, and you can guarantee to have a smooth funeral that can send you off this world at peace.

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